About me

My name is Nicola Mostallino. I’m from Italy, but I spent a year in Germany and currently for a few years I’ve been living in Barcelona. The experience of studying and working abroad has given me fluency in several languages and made me familiar with the peculiarities of the European job market.

By training I’m an electronic engineer, but for many years I’ve been working also as a web marketing designer. Web development is not only my profession; I treat it as a hobby and passion. Thanks to the creative solutions and the most up-to-date techniques that I use my websites are accessible, easy to use, attractive – simply successful. Over the years I’ve designed, created and improved numerous websites both for leading companies and for individual clients. I specialize in:

–          Website Design

–          SearchEngine Optimization, SEO

–          Marketing On-line

–          Corporate image

–          Graphic Design

–          Competitors

In my free time I stay active. I’m a member of the Theatre of the Oppressed and I have a great passion for photography and biking.

Nowadays the Internet’s power is undeniable. Don’t be afraid to use web marketing to help your business grow. Feel free to contact me!

Linkedin: Nicola Mostallino

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